Intensive Feedback – W7D1C by Katie M.

Oct 26, 2015

Our challenge today was to be vulnerable. We opened ourselves to the (sometimes tough) feedback from our group under the facilitation of Ari and Marian. Most of us felt a fairly strong sense of panic over the idea of this challenge, as we heard rumor of it throughout the weekend, but when it came time to actually participate, it wasn’t half bad.

The day started with a huge discussion about love. We talked about what kinds of feedback promote love and are constructive to people, and what kinds are unhelpful and limiting. Our group made a commitment to work together and only participate once we were all 100% committed to the challenge; this was very important to instill a sense of trust and community.

Beginning to give feedback was difficult. We all felt awkward, like we were going to hurt our friends. But once a few people went, it became easier. It became apparent that all of our feedback and words were meant to help better each other, and we were all members of the each others’ fan clubs. Throughout this activity I realized how attentive people were to how I act and who I am, and it made me feel loved, even if the words being said were sometimes tough to hear.

All in all, I am very grateful for this challenge and experience and feel like I have grown and will continue growing for a long time after this due to the words and advice from my group.

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