Build a Fire – W6D3A by Micayla

Oct 23, 2015

As you may or may not have noticed, the blog post from Wednesday’s fire challenge was not completed or uploaded to the Unschool Adventures website.

So, if you were wondering about that, here is where I explain.

Well first off, we did not complete our challenge of creating a fire without a lighter or matches or steel wool.

We tried the bow saw method. It smoked a bit. We made a little teepee for our nonexistent sparks. We listened to music and sat in the shade of a boulder. It hailed. We tried the bow saw method some more. It stopped hailing. That was about it… then we walked back.

We didn’t feel like failures, but came back having fond memories of hanging out together in the hail, rubbing damp sticks together and listening to royalty free music.

Though we had a great time, after returning to the hostel, I was not feeling inspired to write the blog post.

It was cold outside, I had a headache, we didn’t complete the challenge, and I really didn’t want to throw a bunch of superficial words onto a piece of paper and attempt to make them sound nice just because I was expected to have a completed blog post for Unschool Adventures.

So instead I went for a walk.

I got some tea.

I sat and collected my thoughts… and here they are.

Why have a group of four split up to do presentations? Why have each individual choose a form of documentation and half-heartedly put it together just because it’s mandatory? Yes, sometimes we have somebody super enthusiastic and inspired to do a certain presentation, but more often than not, we have someone feeling less enthusiastic and inspired about the form of documentation they are put in charge of and end up producing something without passion, just stepping through the motions. I know for a fact that when the time comes I can sit down and string a whole bunch of words together and make them sound pretty for the purpose of the documentation… but who really wants to read that if it wasn’t made with some meaning and excitement behind it?

So I got to thinking of a solution. Why not have the whole group work together on one specific form of documentation/presentation? Together using all of their passion and inspiration from the challenge to produce one solid and quality piece of work that people will actually enjoy?

Why not?

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