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In the Name of Writing

Things I have had to google recently in the name of writing research: “Prom dresses 2001” (poofy and pastel, apparently) “Average height 11 year old girl” (4’3″) “Bad boy nicknames” (got nothing) “fictional charactername generator” (Recomended by Paul, but I still couldn’t name this dude! he is currently called Max. Not sure how I feel […]

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Wherever There Are Unschoolers, There Is A Group Hug

(Note from author Virginia: I’m going to share a few anecdotes from my day, because I feel like they really show what it’s like here.) This morning I woke up in a bit of a funk and stumbled down to the kitchen to find Raven bouncing off the walls with happiness. The second she saw […]

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Wish You Were Here

Note from author Virginia: This is what I’m wrote during a 8-10am power hour. I was going to work on one of my short stories, but then I heard the song Wish You Were Here on the radio. That was the first rock song I really, truly fell in love with, and it made me so […]

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Orange Popsicle

[Note from author Virginia – This is a fictional story, but it comes from a very real place for me] I was just looking out my window at the drizzly courtyard outside my dorm, seeing instead the street where we used to dance in the sun, and wondering if you still like orange popsicles. That day […]

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