Sophie’s Update!

Oct 30, 2012

So after a lot of water and 80 mph sand buried into my skin and hair the night finally came to Hyannis. During the poetry reading last night Sage, Jessica, Lee, Laura and I were in the lounge ‘writing’ (well, Jessica was) when I discovered my computer had been stepped on by some strange force and had a large black crack running through the screen. I wasn’t upset, just worried I wouldn’t be able to see my writing and do other computer things (I.e youtube fb and netflixs) but it’s thankfully not that bad. After skypying my mom I felt better because neither she nor my dad really cared as long as it still worked. I can still watch videos and write! My small group also found out a lot about each other when Brenna said we were going to play Hot Seat. Mostly we found out funny things about Brenna that won’t ever leave that room. Ever. There was more dancing and some heated games of Catan (what else is new?) and lots of falling into deep dark abysses. We are ready for Halloween! Two dollar bootie toes and a crap ton of candy tomorrow! Oh and Tessa and I get the day off from our work trade duties on Halloween! It shall be glorious! Here I’ll sign off. There are songs to dance too, beaches to run on and a 7 eleven to raid.

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