Sleep (or lack thereof)

Nov 6, 2012

A note from sleep-deprived Sophie.

I remember sleep.

(Disclaimer to myself. Even though I am really happy and don’t regret staying up all night I don’t ever want to do it again! Read this every time I want to pull an all-nighter. The title isn’t a joke.)

When Raven and I were walking to the movie yesterday we decided to make midnight French toast. We both said that one of these days we were going to stay up and pull an all-nighter, just not tonight. One o’clock rolls around and Greg says he’s going to bed and Raven and I wanted everyone to have French toast so we convinced him to wait a little while longer so we could cook. I make French toast for my little sister all the time but I was not prepared. Never in my life have I ever battered so much bread. I made almost everyone one piece of toast and Raven and I got seconds because we could. After, I spent about an hour and a half cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes and unloading the dish washer. I listened to Dolly Parton and John Prime on Raven’s iPhone, thinking about my home. Not one of my better moments. Once I was satisfied with the kitchen I went into the living room and spent a few hours throwing juggling balls at Chase (and sort of chucking the hell out of one into his face).

I’m vaguely aware of Sage coming downstairs, telling us that she couldn’t sleep and me half carrying Sita back to our house after Lee woke her and Raven up at around four AM and somewhere in the early morning hours Chase threatened to carry me to bed if I didn’t wake up and go there myself. I then ran around for a little bit, trying to get into the lounge which Chase wouldn’t let me into. I almost got inside when he cheated and picked me up.

Most of the night is a blur after that although I think Raven, Chase, Sage and I had a cuddle puddle on the world’s most comfy sofa after Lee went to bed. At some point we got into our heads that we were going to go to McDonald’s for food and Dunking Donuts for coffee. At six I think Chase went to bed and Raven, Sage and I said we would start getting ready for the day after the had risen. At seven we split up to gather out laundry, brush our teeth and shower. Then we headed out for Main Street. We got donuts and crappy coffee at the DD and burritos, hash browns and even crappier coffee at the McDonald’s. We also went to the CVS for popsicles and sunflower seeds. Sage pretended to be drunk on the way back and fell over (on accident) and lay on the sidewalk until a cop drove over and asked if she was okay. We told him she was fine and he drove off. I’m pretty sure he thought Sage was drunk, high or both. Probably both. I’m shaking from the caffeine and I am so tired I can’t really see straight but I’m happy.

It’s funny how so many of us write best after doing stupid things at four in the morning.


  1. Comment by Joyce Bowden

    Joyce Bowden Nov 6, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Sounds like… FUN!!! ;-) Great piece, thank you for sharing it.

  2. Comment by Mindy Haworth

    Mindy Haworth Nov 6, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Nice Sophie. Nice.

  3. Comment by Sophie

    Sophie Nov 6, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    We kept it classy…

  4. Comment by Jinjee

    Jinjee Nov 10, 2012 at 4:25 am

    Awesome! :)

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