Serial killers… Yay!

Oct 20, 2012

[The following is an excerpt from Sophie’s writing project]

A girl is walking fast down a street near her home. She’s walking fast and keeps looking over her shoulder. Every so often the girl checks her watch. She’s a few minutes late for her curfew and is hoping her parents will notice and come looking for her. The girls name is Jenny Cook and she knows she is being stalked. She also knows she won’t make it back to her family.

Paige Barker came from a family were everyone was perfect. Her oldest sister had been valedictorian and is attending her first year at Harvard. Her other sister hasn’t gotten anything less than a B+ all of high school. Paige was a bad egg as far as her parents were concerned. A week before summer break was over Paige’s mother had started yelling at her when Paige said she didn’t want to join a sports team. All of the girls in her family had been on the basketball team but Paige didn’t like sports. After putting up with her mother telling her how she would never get into Harvard, she snapped. Paige yelled back at her mother. Paige called her a bitch and tried to run out the door but her father caught her and slapped her arm so hard she had to wear long sleeves for a week to cover up the bruise. It was not the first time she had been beaten, not by a long shot; but Paige knew she couldn’t take it anymore.

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