Oct 28, 2012

Skipping thro time
my mind goes over the
magic of this world
from the friends we met
to the lives we lead
to the blossom of a flower
and coral reefs
to every little thing
and all the big
the coins we find scattered on the ground
and the shapes of the clouds covering the sky
the one time interactions with the strangers
and the one that turns stranger to friend
the smiles & frowns
the rocks & crystals
the ideas of change
all matter
as I ponder
and wonder
the magic of this world~

Once there lived a man named Poppers
who was a kindly old gent
aged 94 from the city of Kent
and one day on a stroll
he glimpsed a troll
peering around a nook
overlooking a wide brook
Aghast he gasped
“Dear me” his last breath rasped~

(Written by Liam)

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