Writing a song and Story – W5D2 by Ben

Oct 14, 2015

How many chord progressions can one person scrap before settling down with one? That was the key question of my individual challenge.

I chose to write and record a song, along with writing an accompanying short story based on the song. To make things quick, let’s just say I bit off more than I could chew. I started out with an idea of what I wanted in my head: A pretty dark, atmospheric song with a lot of reverb. I went through about three iterations of the song, asking for people’s input and getting a crash course in chord theory. This took the majority of the two days we had to finish the challenge. Maybe it could’ve been easier and quicker, but perfectionism does not discriminate and it creeped into this challenge.

The next phase of the challenge was writing a short story to accompany the song. With all the time I spent on the first part of the challenge, I wasn’t left with much time to work on conceptualizing the story. It progressed as I went and turned into a haunting story of mental illness, inspired by all the clutter and noise I threw into my song.

Both my products are not where I want them to be, but I completed them on time! I plan on polishing both of them at a later date.

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