Workout Video – W4D4D by Elan

Oct 8, 2015

The day started slow and enthusiasm levels were at rock bottom. We shared Ideas and themes for the video. There was a idea about doing the video just on the trampoline, after realizing it wouldn’t meet all the exercise category’s we settled with a basic video.

Just as we were getting up from the table someone said “How about we run behind a car giving cardio tips while someone films over the head rest. Tabi circled us up and showed us various weight lifting, stretching, cardio and body lifting work outs. We refined the script of the video, then jumped into the car of the amazing Joel. The goal was to do this whole video in one take. 1, 2, 3 Action!

The cars pace wasn’t great and then we ran out of road, killing the one take challenge. Everyone decided to throw the script out the window (Not really, littering isn’t cool kids). Improv brought the group to life and we remembered the purposes of the challenge, have fun and push yourself.

I dropped my lecture of good running music and wearing shoes on rocky roads for a way to make dumb measurements in your head to have the run feel shorter. This challenge went from grumpy people arguing to less grumpy people having a genuinely great time.

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