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Oct 7, 2015

Today, our challenge was to create and film a exercise regime.

We decided to create our fitness video for  peers and staffers right here at the High Desert Center in Paonia, Colorado! We started out with some basic safety, like remembering water and staying protected from the elements, be them rain, snow, or sun. Then we moved along to assuring we had the correct form for various exercises, including cardio, yoga/restorative, weighted, and body weight poses. Such as dead or “Dev” lifts, upwards and downwards dog or “Rutabagas”, and wall sits against the beautiful Coyote Commons mural!

As a group we decided on around 25 exercises and stretches to practice and film. We each chose the poses we could  comfortably and safely do. For some they were focused on arm strength and core strength, whereas others were better and flexibility and leg strength. Through this challenge we all learnt our physical strengths and weaknesses, how to modify our exercises to them, and general body awareness/safety.

We all recommend you check out our video “High-Desert Center Workouts 2015”, and remember to stay safe while exercising!

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