Welcome to the Eleuthrium – W5D2 by Micayla

Oct 14, 2015

Have you ever heard people say they’re on the path to happiness?
Or that they are journeying to find happiness?

Welcome to the Eleuthrium.
Here is where those weary travelers reside. In complete amity, meadows aplenty, positive thoughts, laughter, and love. All is well here at the Eleuthrium. And if you survive the journey, you too will reach it.

This week I constructed my own individual challenge.
It started out with visiting some of the Paonia residence in town, talking with them and collecting inspiration and insight for my novel.

From talking with Toni at Elsewhere about love, relationships, and co-dependency, to discussing life and manifestation with Josh at Heart of the Dragon, I collected an overwhelming amount of ideas for the book.

Meeting up with a fellow UA Semester participant, we walked to the trading post where there were swings, grass, good food, music, and an outstanding positive energy.
There I came up with the main idea of the Eleuthrium. A place where those who reach it never want to leave. A little time capsule of euphoria and eleutheria, basically complete and limitless bliss. The place of happiness.
Some stumble upon it by surprise, others spend their lives trying to find it. Either way, the Eleuthrium is the place to be.

Within my novel the main character is Julian. He is stuck in depression, nothing is going well, his life seems to be turned upside down. His sister tries to help him, suggesting therapists and natural remedies. Nothing seems to be helping until he comes across this legend… The legend of the Eleuthrium. Hope sparks and he sets off on his journey to find this mystical place, unsure of whether it really exists or not.

I won’t give away how his story ends in case you might read it when it someday lines the book shelves… But let’s just say, the journey to happiness is a tough journey indeed but if you find yourself along the way, the Eleuthrium is right around the corner.

Having only gotten a couple chapters done, as the author I am still excited for what might appear on the next page of the journey down the windy road of my novel. I plan on continuing writing it during the last half of the UA semester, working towards a 100 page goal by the time it’s over… Then writing more when I arrive home.
Challenge on!

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