Web Design – W4D2D by Elan

Oct 6, 2015

Today the magnificent Blake Boles taught us how to make a website using wordpress. A place on the internet that belongs to me, where I can share my adventures and hobbies. This is my favorite challenge so far. I can look back at what I have done and feel a sense of accomplishment. This pushes me to have more noteworthy adventures.

I loved the problem solving and customizing it involved. Aside from being a page about my personal accomplishments, its a website I can show people when applying for jobs or just to share about myself. unlike most challenges here, this one is ongoing.
I am exited to add more content. It was easy to start out cause I could just copy and paste my blogs and videos from the trip. I am wondering now if I should add this post or just pretend it was just meant for my site. awkward.

I am very grateful this challenge was possible.

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