Unseen – W1D3

Sep 16, 2015

Today, we were tasked with traversing the landscape unseen by humans to a pre-determined destination. To begin the planning process, we looked at a map of the area and plotted out a route that seemed to be fairly uninhabited. Spotting a bridge much further down the tree line, we chose that as our crossing point for the biggest obstacle standing in our path, an irrigation ditch 20 feet wide. Before departing, we established some hand signals to communicate without speaking and reached into the fire pit to cover our faces in charcoal and mud.
With Rutabaga by our sides, we embarked to the northeastern hills. Our previously decided communication skills really helped with avoiding roads and buildings. We spent the next two hours marching through the forest, following the irrigation ditch. Once we came upon the bridge we saw on the map, we stopped to eat lunch.
Now being in the valley, we encountered farmland, plains, and many residences. There were no more trees to hide in, so we had a lot more trouble staying hidden. Eventually we were spotted at around the 3/4 mark of the hike. Being exhausted and dirty, we decided to stop in town and take a break.
This challenge was designed to enhance our versatility and adaptability. Through good communication and over-awareness of the environment, we were able to make it the farthest of any groups so far.
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