Staff Makeover – W10D4 by Katie M.

Nov 22, 2015

“With a budget of $200, makeover Dev’s look in a “business classy” fashion…aka cash money is king and make that man look fiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnneeee!”
Lily and I made over Dev today from his normal farm life style into a classy business man. We spent over 3 hours in H&M working on finding clothes to fit him perfectly and that could be worn in multiple ways. We found him a blazer, jeans and oxford shirt at H&M as well as some size 13 Dr. Marten dress shoes at Buffalo Trading Post. By the end of the makeover with him, we had staff telling us that he looked like an architect or a model.
We now address him as Dr. David Brennon Carey instead of Dev.
IMG_6097 IMG_6113


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