Sculpture – W9D2 by Katie B.

Nov 12, 2015

In life, I always find myself coming back, somehow, to art. Art is great, but when I try creating it, I ALWAYS end up frustrated and mad at myself for not doing something else.

I set out to create a scrap metal sculpture, and I was pretty happy with my idea, but I think now that maybe my heart wasn’t entirely set on this challenge. Monday morning, I looked around for inspiration both online, and on the streets of Crested Butte. I found things I liked, and I was excited! Then, I went around to dumpsters looking for scrap metal… and I found quite a bit of great stuff. Unfortunately, this great stuff was far too large – especially because I had no way of cutting it down to appropriate sizes. So, I went back to the hostel and started to make a small statuette out of cardboard and tape. After a few hours of working on that, I abandoned it and stopped working on my challenge entirely.
Today, I continued to work on my piece, got frustrated, and finally ripped it up. Then I painted on some cardboard and felt slightly appeased. Now my time is up, I don’t have a sculpture, I’m frustrated that I didn’t do something more meaningful or clearly defined, and… I wish I just did math.
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