Music Video – W5D2 by Lily G.

Oct 14, 2015

I’m Popcorn, and this is Week 5 of the UA Adventure Semester, as well as our last week in Paonia, CO! This week, we all came up with self-designed challenges, and in two days, completed them on our own. I chose to write a song on my ukulele, and make a music video for it.

While I might like to produce higher-quality results in the future, I did succeed! Today, at the end of my challenge, I have a complete song written on my own ukulele, and a full video of mountains, the open, cloudless blue sky, aesthetically pleasing trails, all of which I managed to produce in two days. I think that in the future, I’ll continue to be proud of my accomplishment.

Even with my success, however, the challenge was as challenging as I set it to be. I’m inexperienced in songwriting and videography, and much of the time, my lack of confidence was something of a wall to me. I had to hit it and break it down many times to get to my goal. I almost didn’t finish the video at all, and I’m still not entirely satisfied with it.

Still, at the end of the (two) day(s), I have a completed song and a completed video. I’ve come a long way in developing my creative confidence, believing that I can make what I want to. My success means a lot to me – it’s solid proof that I’ve done it, and that I can continue to do it.

Believe in yourself, guys.


Written by Lily Gadkari

Lyrics and chords to the song:


You’d expect there to be
G                                                                         F
Nothing but nonsense written in the void of the sky
                       A                             Am
Nothing in the clouds just passing by


Can’t you see
The flow of time means nothing to me
                          F                                                   A                Am
It’s written in the end, that we’ll be free, from everything


               G                 F
Now I know, whoa-oh-oh
                       C                          A
that that’s just not the place we’ll go
We’ve got too much to love left
Too much to live left
Too many minds we don’t know


G C F Am A Am G C


C                                   G
Somewhere, there’s a smile coming back
         F                                                      A                    Am
From slipping through the cracks of your anger
       C           G                                          F
Somehow, it knows that you wasted your life
         A    Am
Trying to pick up the knife
C                G
Behind the smile stands the light
F    A
And it means everything will be alright


          G                       F
Now I know whoa-oh-oh
                C                       A
That can’t be the place we go
There’s too much peace for a struggle
We couldn’t be kept all
Hidden and safe in the snow


F G C, Fin
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