Meditation – W2D3 by Elan

Sep 24, 2015

The places your head goes in five hours of silence. I can only speak for myself but I am sure everyone felt just bored sometimes.

 Poking shrubs with twigs and and wondering how much longer.
I thought about my future and pictured myself in 10, 20 years wondering how I’ll look, what I’ll do.
Although it was dull at times I was in aw of the sunrise.
The colors were rich and impossible to capture on camera. Buttery gold rays of light peering over the mountain peaks.
Minutes later the sky was pomegranate red.
The emotions that followed were just as amazing. After all the non-stop laughter and happy energy at camp, it was nice to slip away and go to some really deep places in my head I had forgotten about.
Nothing profound happened while I was sitting there but in reflection I learned a lot and I know myself better.
This is a challenge anyone can try with a little patience and dedication.
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