Map Making – W2D2 by Spencer

Sep 23, 2015

Today our group did the map-making challenge. We decided to do a map of the cool art-related places (Murals, Statues, Sculptures, etc.) in Paonia to hand out to tourists during the mountain harvest festival.
We started our day off with a ride down to the Paonia Public Library. From there we brainstormed a bit and discussed our plans for the day. We then ventured over to the Backcountry Bistro for some coffee. At the cafe, we struck up a conversation with two helpful locals, Jason and Tim. After conversing about quantum mechanics and what is the ultimate force in the universe, (among other topics) we all decided to pursue a map on Paonian art.
After leaving the cafe, we walked downtown Paonia and talked to shopowners and locals about where the best public art was. We then split up and went to get pictures of the art as well as map the streets mentally of the city for future spacial awareness.
We then recombined at the library, where we spent a few hours building the map. After trying and failing to have 4 hands working on a 8.5 x 11″ piece of paper, Dave was unanimously elected as the official map drawer. We toiled away until 3:00 when the pencils were put down smoking. The map was thus done.
After a debrief we were all proud and ready to let our little map spawn upstream and into the hands of tourists. In the end, people skills were improved. Group dynamics and morale were raised. And everyone walked away hopefully gaining from the experience. In conclusion I am really glad we did this adventure challenge.

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