HONY in Boulder – W10D4 by Katie B.

Nov 22, 2015

For our last challenge of the Adventure Semester, Midge and I were challenged to…

Wait. No. We didn’t know what our challenge was. Let’s start over.
This morning, Blake told us to get into his car and then he blindfolded us. We drove for roughly 40 minutes, and finally got out, took off our blindfolds and found ourselves at CU Boulder.
“Your challenge is to create a Humans of New York style project with the people of UC Boulder.”
Midge and I felt confident about the challenge, and started off by watching Brandon Stanton’s lesson on talking to strangers and getting them to open up.
When we finally started interviewing people we realized that it was a lot more nerve racking than we initially thought, for both us and the people being interviewed. Many people’s reactions were a nervous smile and a speedy exit, however we did manage to have two great conversations, one about anxiety and depression, the other about the Paris terrorist bombings.
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