Forging a Spoon – W5D2 by Elan

Oct 14, 2015

Its rare to find someone you truly enjoy being around. Eric Darby is that person.
He is the most accomplished person I know with a life of adventure and endless great stories.

Today he invited me to his metal workshop to learn welding. It was the prettiest workshop ever with a view overlooking Mt. Lamborn. He showed me the basics than I asked to make a badass knife with a serrated bottom and a flaming tip, I settled with a teaspoon.

I walked back in forth tinkering with scraps. I welded a rusty nail to a square metal piece than hammered the spoon top into a metal pipe. I ground it down sending sparks flying than moved to a more precise machine to polish.

I got into a meditative state with the zapping electric welder, the whirring of grinders and clanking of the hammer. It has a flow to it, using my hands and creativeness together.  The spoon might not be as badass as my original plan, but, it is very useful and a part of me.

It was just like the movies. The sword forging montage that takes 3 months then the warrior holds the blade and swings it a few times, then charges into battle… The battle against cereal and soup!

This spoon is the Hatorri Hanzo katana from kill bill, of the cutlery world.

After that.. Eric and I jammed on guitar.
It was a good day.

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