Entrepreneurism – W6D1B by Elan

Oct 20, 2015

It was a dark and stormy night, in a small town where, if you come up with any business idea aside from a coffee shop, you won’t have any competition. We were given $20 of seed money to make into the biggest amount possible in 5 hours.
Ideas of bake sales and conversation booths were thrown around, but when we realized nobody would go outside on a day like this, we used it to our advantage. People would actually pay money to avoid the frosty, soaking streets of Crested Butte. Everyone threw on layers upon layers, hats, waterproof pants and boots. Our business was born out of human discomfort and laziness. Rainy Day Couriers. $2 per delivery. I went door to door from banks, to lawyers and realtor agencies. After awkwardly writing down our information time and time again, we made business cards. Every time I said the business name and handed out a business card it felt more real. People thought it was a great idea and it would help them a lot in everyday life. I had to explain it was just a one time challenge.
I got a job offer from the owner of Camp 4 Coffee. Although we only made $20 in addition to our seed money, I felt it would really pick up as a long term business. I now know how the basic business operates. I stuck with the original agreement to split the money evenly, even though only two of us made the money. It’s important to communicate efficiently, address problems in our plan and fix them with group consensus.

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