Emails – W7D4C by Katie M.

Oct 29, 2015

My name is Katie, I am seventeen and requesting an endorsement from you for my website that I developed with Blake Boles during Week 2 of the Adventure Semester. This would be very helpful for me to help legitimatize my website as I send it to future employers, and as I apply to more programs like the Adventure Semester, of which I am currently a participant.
I have been working very hard here in Colorado to work on my online business skills. These include how to do proper online research, how to build and keep up with my own personal website, how to send a proper email requesting letters of recommendation, and how to set up meetings with strangers in new cities. It would be helpful if you could highlight my leadership skills, my determination, and how I have grown as a contributing member of our community.
What I need from you:
  • A short paragraph about the above listed skills I have attained under your watch
  • I need it emailed to me by November 14th
Thank you so much!
(P.S. Today our challenge was to work with Blake and learn how to write an email request for a letter of recommendation or endorsement, and how to find and set up meetings with people in Denver!)
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