Emails – W7D2B by Joey

Oct 28, 2015

Today, my group’s challenge was to learn how to compose and send different types of emails to individuals we didn’t know, but found interesting in some way. Through this challenge, I’ve learned how to ask for a letter of recommendation via email, and sent one to someone who I thought would be a good candidate to help represent me.

After learning how to get letters of recommendation, my group and I went to a coffee shop and searched around the internet for interesting people living in Denver. Our task was to email them and set up an appointment to meet and talk with them.

After making a list of people to email, we set back up at the hostel and wrote out our emails and sent them off. Before I had even finished sending all of the emails, I got a reply from a luthier named Harry Tuft I contacted because I found his work very interesting. He was very friendly and we have a date and time set up to meet once I’m in Denver.

This challenge feels very relevant and important to my life, especially as an unschooler who has to direct their education on their own. This has given me the means to make connections and to learn by speaking with people who are working in the field I want to explore.

Well, I’m off to write more emails! I wonder what the Mayor of Denver’s email is…

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