Emails – W7D1A by Catherine (ft. Oscar)

Oct 26, 2015

Hello Reader,

My name is Catherine Canann. I am a participant in the U.A. Adventure Semester. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. As you know, every day we have a unique challenge. Today, that challenge was to write emails to strangers in Denver who we would like to connect with, and to set up dates to meet which work for both of us.

I am passionate about voice, so I reached out to connect with an opera singer. She replied, saying she would be in NYC during the time I would be in Denver, but was open to speaking with me over the phone. I am very excited to converse with her, as she is a person who has successfully pursued my dream career, and I am overjoyed to have gotten such an effective and positive response.

I am so grateful I got to participate in this challenge, as I gained the knowledge and capacity to write an email which achieved its goal. I hope you write an email to someone you admire because it is a great way to put yourself out there and possibly even get positive feedback.

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