Draw My Life – W5D2 by Gabriella

Oct 14, 2015

Early this Sunday morning, I jerked awake because of an idea. I quickly grabbed my sketchbook and started drawing a story. This little comic strip became the foundation for my individual challenge this week.

I decided to create a video about having scoliosis. My goal was to create and post the video on YouTube.

In order to execute my plan, I figured out (with the help of my awesome mentors Ari, Addison, and Blake) that I should use a whiteboard to create a time lapse of my sketches. I wanted my videos to look similar to RSA videos, which are animated skits.

Honestly, the drawing was the easiest part. The hardest aspect of my challenge was recording my voice for the audio part of the video. I hated listening to my voice recording over and over again. Dozens of recordings later, I went to Addison to create my video.

I cannot begin to express the frustration I felt while doing the voice recordings. Eventually though, I calmed myself down and got over the hurdle so I could make this video.

Addison was essential for my video. He edited it and made sure the voice corresponded with the drawing part of the video along with helping me with my requests for extra footage. I learned a lot about editing but I have a long way to go!

My story about having scoliosis is very personal. Even though it was difficult to do, I am glad I created the video because it made me finish something despite my frustrations. My video process is similar to my journey with scoliosis because the actual exercises for my back can be just as frustrating as recording my voice for this video.

When I began this challenge, my goal was to create a video, an outline for a slideshow, perhaps start a Kindle book, and to contact a few elementary schools regarding my scoliosis project. I only finished the video. In retrospect, I realize devoting my time to one project benefitted me in the long run because I could focus on the smaller details. I intend to continue working on this challenge and to share my scoliosis story.


  1. Comment by Hannah

    Hannah Oct 17, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Hey Gabi! Love the blog!

  2. Comment by Anna

    Anna Oct 26, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    Bonjour ma fille!!! :D Ca va?? J’espere que tu es bien et je suis heureuse voir que tu faisais tous les activites! Amuses-toi cherie! <3

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