Dessert – W5D2 by Midge

Oct 14, 2015

Picture this, your two most favorite desserts in the entire world combined into one!

Well today I made that a reality, I combined a Victoria sponge cake and pumpkin pie. To create the wonderful Pumpkin Spice Sponge Sandwich!

My two day self-designed challenge was to create a sweet and savory dish from two of my favorite dishes. As you can tell from above I am quite proud of my idea to create the PSSS (Pumpkin Spice Sponge Sandwich), but I am not as proud of my savory dish.

I made a tofu bolognaise sauce with seasonal vegetables, trying to combine tofu stir fry and bolognaise sauce. This turned out fine, but it did not challenge me in a significant way, so I feel like I could have done better.

What challenged me the most over the past two days, was understanding and accepting that not everything will be perfect and that even if you try your hardest sometimes you just don’t get it done in time. However that doesn’t mean it wont taste pretty damn good.

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