Creations from Junk – W1D5 by Gabriella

Sep 19, 2015

September 18th 2015

The original challenge was to create a birdhouse out of the scraps in Dev’s yard. Overtime, the challenge turned into a creativity challenge. In the end there were two birdhouses made and there were also three other interesting creations such as a bench, a chair, and even a coat hanger made!

Luckily we had demos on how to saw and drill from Dev.

Dev conveyed to me what he least expected to see out of the challenge, “I didn’t expect people to design really complex projects and to finish in the certain amount of time. The bird houses were even complex and everything made was useful to the whole community.”

“What it meant to me for doing this challenge was to take what society considers to be nothing and to turn it into something,” Spencer said on today’s challenge.

Micayla described her process, “My bench started out straight but then it turned out crooked. And that’s part of the experience. I’m excited for the community to enjoy my bench. I think the crookedness adds character.”

“I have never built something as big or as complicated as a chair before.” Lily said.

Ben was excited because it’s “going to be fantastic to have a coat hanger in the commons so our stuff isn’t everywhere. [I had] trouble building different design in [My] mind at the beginning but [I’m] happy the way it is now.”

My inspiration came from a triangular piece of wood for my birdhouse. At first, I wanted it to become a type of sailboat but once Dev pointed out this other piece of wood looked like a bull’s head, my birdhouse became, “El torro”.

The challenge allowed us to use our creativity while learning about architecture, how to use tools, and to create objects out of junk.

– Gabriella

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