Complaint Booth – W10D4 by Jill

Nov 22, 2015

Today Oscar’s and my challenge was to set up a complaint table outside, then to have people write down their complaint. Later on, we were to make a creative writing piece about it and send it to them. However, it was clear from the beginning that each of us had complaints of our own. I felt uncomfortable going out on the streets and possibly having to deal with really crazy people, and neither Oscar nor I were really into this challenge in the first place.

In the end, we received 3 complaints, all from people in our group. One was having foot trouble due to bad shoes, another had strong feelings towards only half-shaven heads, and the other hated people’s knees. Then, I typed out their letters.

In the end, Oscar and I would have rather had a challenging yet fun day, and rather have had this challenge at some point earlier in the semester. We both were dealing with issues about the program ending, and it was a hard day to get through. But, all in all, we made it through and got it done the best we could.


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