Comedy Podcast – W9D2 by Jack

Nov 12, 2015

These past 2 days I have been working on a comedy podcast, but not a funny one. I have been working on a podcast about political correctness in comedy, and where to draw the line of what’s okay and what’s not. I knew I had a good chance of pissing people off.
The first day was more of a planning day, I was mostly stressing over trying to figure out what I should say, and how I was gonna talk for 10-15 minutes by myself. It slowly became apparent that I was gonna need to interview people.
To start off the second day, I decided to talk to Blake and get advice. He recommended I interview people, and said that would make it more interesting. I took his advice and interviewed him!
After Blake’s interview I had about 7 minutes of content. With my goal being 10-15 minutes I chose to interview 1 more person; Oscar Wolfenstein: dude, bro, philosopher.
I then edited the podcast and ended it with a nice summery.
The most valuable thing I got from this challenge was a new found love for making podcasts, and I plan on starting a podcast show in the near future
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