Busking – W10D4 by Joey

Nov 22, 2015

Yesterday, I got an email from Blake. All it said was that Dave and I were going to be in a group together, and that we should meet him the following morning with a small list of items, namely, our instruments.

Once we met up the next morning, Blake led us to his car without giving us any additional information, despite our question. He then blindfolded Dave and I.

We drove for around 45 minutes until the car finally stopped. Blake told us that we could take the blind folds off. When we did, we were greeted with a cute town, which we immediately named Paonia-the-Sequel.

Blake then told us our challenge. We were tasked with earning enough money to buy lunch and bus tickets back to the hostel in Denver. He then flashed us a big smile, and left. We cursed his name as he left.

Our first move was to call our friends and laugh in disbelief at our morning. Our second move was to use Dave’s contact in Boulder to figure out what our best course of action would be. We learned that the busking scene is pretty good there, and decided to raise money with that.

We then popped into a local bookstore and made a home base in the shamanic section while we worked on getting a playlist together. After figuring the songs out, we set off.

We set up on a really nice walkway with a bunch of foot traffic. We managed to raise enough money for bus tickets and some snacks for the ride home. We also got to jam with a local and befriend some other people pandering for money.

It was a very fun challenge which got me immersed in Boulder very quickly. I also got to play music all day, which is always a plus.

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