Blindfolded for Two Days – W9D2 by Elan

Nov 12, 2015

The challenge: be blindfolded for two days, go to a coffee shop and order a hot chocolate, talk to a stranger, buy something at the groceries store, play guitar.

My shin is bruised after someone moved a chair into a stupid place and I collide with it. I screamed in annoyance “Who the fuck keeps putting shit in the middle of the room?!”

I was not the most popular person this week. I always needed someone’s assistance, either to walk somewhere or to help serve me food. I hated relying on other people for my wellbeing. Two people bailed without me knowing, on their promises to walk me home from the coffee shop, leaving me stranded.

I tried my hardest to be independent, doing as much as I could alone.

Music and food were my only joy. Both of which I needed help getting. I was bored and unhappy most of the time. Everything I did needed to be planed out, from going upstairs to eating a bowl of soup.

The most fun I had was meeting someone named Matt (a visitor who has staffed similar programs to the Adventure Semester). I had no idea what he looked like. First, I felt his face. It didn’t help. I talked to him about his interests, I guessed what music he likes what food he eats. I got a really clear image in my head of who he was. A vegan runner who doesn’t own a car and listens to fleet foxes.

He was way more fun to talk to than the people at the coffee shop. One conversation went like this:

Stranger:  “So, do you think your other perceptions are stronger?”

Me: “Yea, when I went outside I smelled weed super strongly.”

Stranger: “That’s just Colorado dude.”

This experience was really intense and I don’t ever want to do it again. I am so happy and grateful to have my sight.

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    Howard Jacobson Nov 15, 2015 at 11:33 am

    “Don’t it always seem to go…”

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