Bird Houses – W1D3 by Max C.

Sep 16, 2015

Today, a group of four strapping youths embarked upon a journey they had already witnessed several of their peers embark upon. Each was to construct a bird house from recycled materials. This task required the overcoming of a challanges ranging from the mastery and sharing of certain construction tools, the intricacies of bird house architecture, and the following through of a creative vision.

The construction of a bird house involved the use of a variety of saws, drills, and screwdrivers. Keiran, Katie, Lily, and Max began to understand the necessity of different varieties of each of these tools. They discoverd which saws were good for precision, which cut faster, and which were too dull to be of much use at all. The group also had to manage their supply of two drills and to be able to rotate them amongst eachother and decide when to settle for a screwdriver. Once everyone became comfortable with these tools, their instructer, Dev, introduced them to the lightining-fast skill saw as well as other power tools that helped each architect see their vision to completion.

Each group member also found inspiration executing their creative visions. Both Kieran and Katie had thought up a variety of designs, both on paper and in their head, and saw their vision through when being exposed to the materials at hand. Katie became inspired by a curved blue roofing piece and decided to surround the rest of her design with similairly colorful pieces, decorating the engrance to her bluebird abode with a mural of Colorado mountain. Kieran’s designs resulted in another blue bird high rise with a jet black metal roof. Lily found their inspiration from a wooden yoga wheel, which they decided would be their exclusive source of wood and screws, eventually resulting in a majestic home for Kestrels. And Max, less interested with the final product, found his inspiration in his work. enjoying the theraputic repetition of tightening screws and sawing wood, the result of which was a small, and, infact, sturdy, cottage for titmice.

As the day came to a close, there were four more homes for the birds of Paonia’s Mesas, and four adventurers each found something to be proud of.

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