Baking Bread – W5D2 by Joe

Oct 14, 2015

This week we had to do individual challenges. This means coming up with your own challenge not super hard that would take serval days and not super easy you could have it all done in a hour. I decided to do something with food my challenge was to make 4 loafs of bread And have someone use the leftovers for stuffing also cook two chickens.

On Monday morning cooking people met to make sure we were all on the same page. I researched different types of bread recipes and figured out all the ingredients I needed and made a list. Then we went to the grocery store to get all the ingredients also we had to calculate all the prices of every thing to make sure we didn’t go over budget which was hundred and twenty dollars for two meals and 33+ people.
3:00 o clock I have three hours till dinner I start mixing all the ingredients together. I put them in  a pan and let them rise. After 1 hour, They have double in size. I heated the oven up and put them in to cook for 45 minutes. I got them out at 6:10 they were a little late but it was no big deal and it tasted great.
 I had to cook two chickens. It was about 1:00 when Joel (our cooking teacher) realized that the chickens were frozen so we scrambled around trying to figure out how to defrost them. What we did was we got two pots of warm water and put them in there for about one hour. I then used sessions on the chicken and put them in a solar oven to start to cook. They turned out great and tasted great too.
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