Acts of Radical Kindness – W2D4 by Katie and Lily

Sep 25, 2015

Hey there!

So today we had a really cool challenge..
we had to choose and embody a character completely opposite to our usual selfs.
We started out at a thrift shop picking out clothing for our character (I chose somebody shy and slightly gothic.. a complete transformation for me with my usual enthusiastic colorful way of life).
After choosing our wardrobe it was time for the biggest challenge.. hair cutting.

I was really the only one comfortable enough to give it a try because I had cut my sister’s bangs a few times at home. After talking with my group it was decided I was a decent candidate, as you must have guessed that takes a lot of trust!
The trickiest cut to do was Elan’s because he wanted a mohawk… with the sides buzzed.. something which I had never done before. But he saw how I cut Midge’s hair and he felt comfortable with me taking a shot at it.
I think they both turned out pretty damn good and I can now say I can cut hair with confidence!
Tonight we are going to show off our new selfs to everyone after dinner! It is really strange for me to put on an act of being introverted since I’m almost never like that but it’s a good challenge for me and it actually helps to understand who I am as a person along the way. It’s also just fun to put on a new persona for the day!
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