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Digital Makeover – W4D1E by Midge

Hello Internet friends! Today our group challenge was to create a website about ourselves, so we can control how we are seen on the Internet. We created a website on, the worlds leading domain registrar. Each of us chose a unique and personal domain name. Some of us chose camp nicknames, like Pop and […]

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Planning a Prom – W3D5

Max Abeywakaflocka, Sage Ryan , and Katie Mitchell decided to bless 20 homeschoolers with something they would never experience in their lives: Prom. They all starred in a well remarked show called Crazy Since the 80s. A show about 4 crazy roommates in the most glamorous city: New York. It shows them living, working and […]

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Acts of Radical Kindness – W2D5 by Micayla

There are so many people in the world. So many faces, so many stories, so many ideas and perspectives. Imagine if we all came together in this abundance and helped each other through life with our own wisdom and guidance. It is really very interesting to see how proud people get when you offer assistance […]

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Makeover – W2D4 by Micayla

Hey there! So today we had a really cool challenge.. we had to choose and embody a character completely opposite to our usual selves. We started out at a thrift shop picking out clothing for our character (I chose somebody shy and slightly gothic.. a complete transformation for me with my usual enthusiastic colorful way […]

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Meditation – W2D3 by Elan

The places your head goes in five hours of silence. I can only speak for myself but I am sure everyone felt just bored sometimes. ¬†Poking shrubs with twigs and and wondering how much longer. I thought about my future and pictured myself in 10, 20 years wondering how I’ll look, what I’ll do. Although […]

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Map Making – W2D1

Dear Good People of Paonia and Those Who Look Forward To Visiting Paonia, Today my most wonderful colleagues and I created something special for all of you to enjoy. As everyone knows, when you are traveling to a place you have never been to before it is very helpful to carry a map. A map […]

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Bird Houses – W1D4 by Oscar W.

Garbage is everywhere, in our homes, our dumpsters, and our city waste processing facilities. It’s undeniable that we live in a waste producing culture. However, living at the beautiful site in Paonia, we were inspired by one fact: everything was made of recycled resources. With the encouragement of Dev, we set out to follow in […]

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Counter Argument – W1D3 by Catherine

It is the third day of challenges in the UA Adventure Semester. Today our challenge was to effectively argue the opposing positions on two subjects we had strong opinions and intuition about as a group. The topics we discussed were whether there should be more or less standardized testing in schools, and whether the moon […]

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Unseen – W1D2 by Sage R.

On our first day, we danced. It was indeed challenging, but not until today did our group of five truly experience the meaning of the Adventure Semester. Our challenge was to walk into the town of Paonia from our mountain camp (and back) without being seen by anyone. When we began, our groups’ dynamics were […]

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