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Makeover – W2D3 by Lili J.

A month or so ago I shaved my head. Little did I know, it would become one of our challenges. My Britney Spears moment became something of a trend, and I had a lot of fun shaving my friends heads in the middle of a field, surrounded by squawking turkeys. Our challenge was this: look […]

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Meditation – W2D2

5am wake ups usually mean a flight or a crying baby. Today, it meant the start to a 6 hour meditation in the woods. The evening before we embarked on our journey, we got together and discussed the terms of the challenge. Our group decided we wanted to fast for the 6 hours, and we […]

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Creations from Junk – W1D5 by Gabriella

September 18th 2015 The original challenge was to create a birdhouse out of the scraps in Dev’s yard. Overtime, the challenge turned into a creativity challenge. In the end there were two birdhouses made and there were also three other interesting creations such as a bench, a chair, and even a coat hanger made! Luckily […]

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Dancing – W1D5 by Katie

Today our group finally experienced the long awaited dancing challenge! Last night, Tabi, our mentor, told us that we would have to choose our dance song within an hour. If we failed, we would have to dance to M.C. Hammer’s 2 Legit 2 Quit. But since our group, over the past week, has developed into […]

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Bird Houses – W1D3 by Max C.

Today, a group of four strapping youths embarked upon a journey they had already witnessed several of their peers embark upon. Each was to construct a bird house from recycled materials. This task required the overcoming of a challanges ranging from the mastery and sharing of certain construction tools, the intricacies of bird house architecture, […]

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Dancing – W1D2

We began the day with a march down to the barn. We debated on how we would approach the current challenge; to learn and choreograph a dance strictly from a video. We understood the physical limitations that each other had and molded our approach to fit them. Upon arriving, we put on some music and […]

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