The Trailblazer Video Experiment

Jan 16, 2013


The Trailblazer Gathering has almost 20 registered participants, and it doesn’t happen until June. We need 45 to run the program. I consider this a great start for a brand new event.

Something new I’m trying with Trailblazer is YouTube introduction videos. During registration, you’re required to submit a 1-3 minute long video that tells us “who you are, what your interests are, and why you’re joining Trailblazer” (full guidelines here).

I’ve received grief about this requirement. Some people complain that it’s too much work.

I agree that it’s a lot of work—I spent 45 minutes making my video, which is only about 1 minute long.

But I think the videos are ultimately worth the effort. Because now, unlike other events, we have an incredible library of friendly faces that show new members exactly who they’re getting involved with. I anticipate that these videos will increase enrollment among those who aren’t previously part of the unschooling or NBTSC worlds, creating a more robust community of self-directed learners.

And some of these videos are simply fun to watch. A few registrants have noticed that the video guidelines are lax (e.g. you don’t even need to be in the video), and they’ve taken the opportunity to get creative.  My current favorites along these lines are Claire and Logan.

If you know someone who would be right for Trailblazer, please pass the word along. We’re going to have a great first event.


ps- Check out our the new map showing where Trailblazer registrants are coming from across the US, created by U.A. office assistant Blueberry Keller.

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