Five Years of Unschool Adventures

May 15, 2013

After 5 years of nonstop trip-leading with Unschool Adventures, I’m taking a breather.

Two trips to Argentina, one to Chile-Argentina-Peru, one to Australia, one to New Zealand, three Writing Retreats (Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts) and four Leadership Programs (Oregon & North Carolina) later, I couldn’t feel more gracious and lucky to work with the incredibly bright, creative, and kind teens who have joined my programs.

The next two trips (the Writing Retreat in Colorado and Costa Rica adventure) will be led by the illustrious Dev Carey, who I trust fully to continue Unschool Adventures’ *perfect* safety record and high quality of experiences.

What’s next for me? I just signed a 12-month lease (!) with Brenna at an awesome apartment in Asheville, NC. I don’t have any international trips on the horizon (!!). I’m having a lot of fun planning two brand-new programs for self-directed learners: the Trailblazer Gathering for ages 18-22 and a school-but-not-a-school in Asheville for ages 14-19. Better Than College continues to spread+sell, and I’m still passionate about the written word. I travel around the U.S. often for conferences, Not Back to School Camp, to visit my beloved Lake Tahoe and Deer Crossing Camp, and to see family. I love trail running and dream of bagging some really long trails.

Of course, all this was only made possible by the families who trusted me to take their kids to some far-flung part of the world (or supply them with a hostel, wi-fi, writing workshops, and an endless supply of bagels and Nutella). In my new apartment I put up a giant corkboard with photos of y’all to remind me of this. Thank you for making my life possible.


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