Future Trips

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

Here at Unschool Adventures, we’re always dreaming up new trip ideas, and we almost never repeat something we’ve done before. This makes it hard to answer the question, What’s coming next?

Nevertheless, below you’ll find our best guess as to what the future holds. None of these programs are guaranteed to run… but we wouldn’t post them if they didn’t have a winning chance! 😉

Travel-Adventure-Entrepreneurship Retreat 2023

Feb/Mar 2023
Patagonia (Southern Argentina)

A 3-week retreat for young adults (ages 18-23) who want to figure out how to fill their lives with travel and adventure while also supporting themselves financially. Build new social connections, get practical guidance for life, and have an adventurous travel experience all at the same time.

Header photo: Unschool Adventures New Zealand 2019. Photo by Jaci Alonso.

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