Crypts, Couchsurfers, Trolls and Tango

This post features our adventures in Cordoba: Argentina’s second largest city, and the one with the largest concentration of college students.
We ran into some of those college students on the first night, when I set up a meeting with some locals using Couchsurfing. They were very nice.
Our students double (or triple) teamed the locals to practice their Spanish.
We played a few simple games,
and then introduced the Argentines to Epic Sax Guy. Cross-cultural meme spreading: complete.
The next day we visited Museo de la Memoria – a recently erected museum dedicated to the memories of people lost during  Argentina’s dirty war.
It was quite artistic.
A holding cell.
 A poster describing the many different ways that one could legally be deemed an “extremist” by Argentine law.
Emerging from the musem in a bit of a depressed funk, we found a bright sunny day at the main plaza.
Ahh, aren’t they good looking?
Of course, looks can only take you so far. Settlers of Catan decides the rest.
That night our tango teacher “Maxi” and his brother (left) joined us for dinner at the hostel. Ingmar, Fia, and Franki whipped up a delicious stir-fry.
That night we walked across town (snapping this photo along the way) to a Couchsurfing party. We didn’t know what it was, either, but it was in a public location so figured we could always bail!
It turns out that the Couchsurfing community is rather large in Cordoba. But we ended up talking a combination of Spanish and English with Maxi, his brother and friends.
The next day was our first tango lesson with Maxi and his assistant Paula. I was too busy dancing to snap many photos! Here’s our group stretching at the end of the lesson.

YouTube Video

We also learned how to dance “Reggatone”

Ingmar told us the Norwegian troll story. Totally real.
The following day we took our second tango lesson and learned some pretty fancy stuff.
Maxi is a pretty awesome teacher.
The students’ favor move was a launch-kick. 
Maxi warned us not to do this in a social dance…especially if the follow is wearing heels.
Smart advice.
Our group.
That evening we visited an underground Jesuit Crypt just a few blocks away from our hostel. It was built in the 1700s, buried and forgotten, and then rediscovered in the 90’s when a telecom cable was digging a trench.
Finally, no trip to a foreign country is complete without visiting the local version of some big U.S. chain. In this case, a Starbucks, which just opened in Cordoba a few months ago.
It must be a pretty posh thing to go to Starbucks, because the prices are way higher than U.S. prices. (4.3 pesos to 1 USD)
Coming up next: a real tango milonga!

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  • Lisa says:

    Great dancers!!

  • Natalie says:

    Blake: wonderful photos and update! Thank you for taking the time to take photos and post them. Combined with Ani’s emails and Addie’s blog entries, I’m able to really vicariously enjoy my kids’ experience. And, wow, what an experience you have facilitated. We appreciate you so much, Blake! I think this trip/adventure is probably quite life-changing for my kids.

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