About Us

Arequipa, Peru – South America 2011

Unschool Adventures leads international trips and U.S.-based educational programs for self-directed young adults, ages 14-21. Each of our trips builds the skills, experience, and self-confidence that a young person needs to transition into independent adulthood.

Our trips typically enroll unschoolers, but you need not be an unschooler to join. Homeschoolers, alternative school students, high school students, and the avowedly non-labeled are welcome to apply. We offer enrollment to any young person who is enthusiastic and prepared for one of our trips.

When you join Unschool Adventures, you’ll walk away with new friends, unforgettable memories, and a new sense of what’s possible in your life. Join our notification list to get an e-mail whenever new trips are announced.

Our Philosophy

Unschool Adventures originally formed to serve the community of teenage unschoolers. To learn more about unschooling, check out The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn, College Without High School and Better Than College by Blake Boles (the director of Unschool Adventures), and the works of John Holt and John Taylor Gatto.

How does the unschooling philosophy shape our leadership? On our international trips, Unschool Adventures grants its students large degrees of freedom and responsibility in creating their international experiences—always within reasonable safety limits. Unlike more traditional travel companies, on a U.A. adventure you might find yourself wandering around a foreign city in a small group, figuring out how to cook dinner from scratch, or planning a week of our itinerary. (Read the FAQ to learn more about our international trips.)

Within the United States, we offer leadership and creativity programs that offer community-building experiences and directly address the challenges that self-directed learners face on a daily basis. Our most popular domestic program is the Writing Retreat, which takes its inspiration from National Novel-Writing Month. (Read the FAQ to learn more about our U.S.-based programs.)

Durango, Colorado – Writing Retreat 2011

Our Trips and Programs

We offer a handful of organized group trips and programs each year:

  • an international trip
  • a writing retreat
  • a creativity and/or leadership program

International Trips

Our international trips are 4-7 weeks long and typically voyage to southern hemisphere destinations such as South America or Australia/New Zealand. We’ve never repeated the same international trip twice: each is a new adventure with a new focus. This keeps things fresh for both students and staff. It also means that we cannot predict which international trips will be available in the future. Applications open 7-9 months before a trip’s departure date. The best way to learn when new trips are announced is to join our e-mail notification list. We typically enroll 8-11 students on our international trips.

The Writing Retreat

The Writing Retreat is our most popular U.S.-based program, and it’s the only program which we’ve repeated multiple times. We run the retreat for one month in the fall (October/November) in a rented hostel which accommodates our group of roughly 25 young adult writers plus four staff. Previous Writing Retreats have taken place on the Oregon coast, Crested Butte (Colorado), Durango (Colorado), and Cape Cod (Massachusetts). Applications for each year’s Writing Retreat typically open in January.

Creativity & Leadership Programs

Our creativity and leadership programs started in 2010 when Blake ran two multi-week programs in Ashland, Oregon, under the banner of Homeschool Leadership Retreats. He then merged Homeschool Leadership Retreats with Unschool Adventures and ran two shorter programs in Asheville, North Carolina (ZTC Camp and The Asheville Intensive). These programs focused on the tools necessary to succeed as a creatively focused, young adult self-directed learner—whether college-bound or not.

Summer Break

We usually don’t run programs from August through early October because that’s when Not Back to School Camp takes place (and many of our staff are working there). NBTSC is a fantastic summer camp for young adult unschoolers that we highly recommend.

To Learn More

Spring Leadership Retreat - Ashland, ORAshland, Oregon – Spring Leadership Retreat 2010

Custom Programs

For young people who would like to craft their own big adventures, U.A. director Blake Boles offers one-on-one guidance for designing a multi-month international trip or gap year experience. You’ll gain assistance in planning an incredible learning adventure with elements of work, play, travel, language learning, and/or service, and you’ll receive mentorship and accountability along the way.

We also design custom trips for teen groups of various sizes. Our experienced leaders and programs designers will put together an unforgettable experience for your group, customized to your needs and budget.

Write the office to learn more about about both our college alternative gap years and custom programs.

Gearhart, Oregon – Writing Retreat 2009

Company History

Unschool Adventures LLC was founded in 2008 by director Blake Boles.

Other Recommended Companies

Is the trip that you want full? Are you looking for something slightly different? We recommend these other camps and travel companies for young adult adventure-seekers:

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Carpe Diem Education – 3-month worldwide semester programs with a service emphasis

Andeo International Homestays – homestay and language immersion opportunities

National Outdoor Leadership School – offers outdoor skills and leadership adventures, worldwide

Trackers Northwest – outdoor leadership programs in California and Oregon

Employment with Unschool Adventures

We aren’t currently hiring. But send us an e-mail if that doesn’t satisfy you.