We've got some big changes happening in 2015!

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Our Offerings Include:

International Trips

We take teenage unschooler on life-changing adventures across the globe.

The Writing Retreat

Write your heart out with 25 other teens for an entire month in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Fundraising Advice

Read The Unschool Adventures Guide to Online Travel Fundraising, written by U.A. director Blake Boles.

Our Offerings Include:
Dev's Gap Year

Dev Carey's Gap Year program for ages 17-23 is an odyssey of mind and body in the American Southwest.


Trailblazer Gathering for ages 18-22+ was a total blast in 2013, and we're figuring out how to bring it back.

Hogwarts for Unschoolers

Coming soon: a BIG new U.S.-based program for self-directed teens.

Previous Students Say:

  • Unschool Adventures changed my life for the better. I feel like I've grown as a human being, and my standards for fun and happiness have sky rocketed. The friends that I've made here are THE coolest, most hilarious, and most lovable people I have ever met.

    Erik B. (Nepal 2014)

  • This trip completely changed my life! As a traditional high-schooler, being in such a close-knit group with people of completely different learning backgrounds, I have opened my eyes to so many academic and career options for my future.

    Julia S. (Argentina 2012)

  • I loved the Writing Retreat! The joy of waking up and walking sleepily up the stairs to a room filled with the smell of bagels and Nutella, packed full of people rocking out to music, writing, typing, talking, clanking away on typewriters—I can't think of what wasn't fun.

    Brooke B. (Writing Retreat 2011)

  • I can’t imagine going on a better trip, or with better people. Exceeded my high expectations.

    Charlotte W. (Argentina 2008)